The Location Details page displays information about tabular data.  The page includes an interactive map that provides a visual depiction of the location to which the available data relate.  You can zoom in/out, pan, turn labels and terrain on/off, and switch between map and satellite views.

Access the Location Details page by opening an item containing tabular data (identified by Tabular Data icon), e.g., from a list of items returned by a search for Data (see example in the screen shot below).

Search results for tabular data

Viewing Location Details

The Location Details page opens when you click on the hyperlinked text of a tabular data entry Tabular Data icon returned by a search for Data, and displays detailed information about the selected location.  Location details cannot be edited on the Location Details page.

The fields on the Location Details page are:

 Name A descriptive title for the data holding.
 Official name The official name of the data holding.
 River system Specifies the river system from which the data comes, e.g., Klamath.
 County The county from which the data comes.
 Location code A numeric identification code for the data.
 Description Descriptive information about the data to give it context.
 Easting  Location easting value, in meters.
 Northing Location northing value, in meters.
 Latitude  Location in terms of latitude, in degrees.
 Longitude  Location in terms of longitude, in degrees.
 Elevation  Elevation related to the data holding, in meters.
 Elevation datum Elevation datum related to the data holding.
 UTM zone Identifies the UTM zone from which the data came.
 River mile (Miles) Location on the river system, expressed in river miles.
 River kilometer (KM) Location on the river system, expressed in kilometers.

Below the location details, you can see the date on which the item was Added to the repository, the last date on which the item was Updated, and the ODP username of the individual responsible for adding/updating the item.

At the bottom of the page, there is a table that lists the tabular data available at the specified location.  In this example, the tabular data for the location described in Location Details are streamflow and water temperature data.


Click on the icons at the far left of the table to query Data Query Icon and graph Time Series Analyst Icon the data listed in the table.