Tabular Data Query

Query tabular data stored in the Trinity River Restoration Program Online Data Portal from the Data & Documents page.

Data & Docs Page with Tabular Query Circled

To configure a tabular data query:

  1. From the Data & Documents tab, click on the Tabular Data Query option on the tab’s menu bar.
  2. On the Data Query page, specify the River systemDataset, and Variable from the drop-down lists.
  3. Select the Location you wish to include in your query.  Select All locations, or select one or more specific locations from the Selected location drop-down list.  In the drop-down list, you can select multiple contiguous locations (Click-Shift-Click) or multiple non-contiguous locations (Click-Ctrl-Click).
  4. Select the dates you wish to include in your query. Select All dates, or specify a Date range using the calendar provided; you can also manually enter a date, but make sure you follow the required syntax (mm/dd/yyyy).  Note that selecting All for both location and date will produce a query that will take a long time to generate results.
  5. Select the type of output you wish to generate, choosing HTML (display only), Excel spreadsheet, or CSV file.

If an option you need for your query is not represented in the relevant drop-down list, contact the TRRP Data Steward to request that it be added.

When you have finished configuring your query, click on the Query button at the bottom of the page.

Choosing HTML (display only) for Output type displays your results directly in a Data Query Results page; the data can be viewed but not edited on this page.  To return to your query on the Data Query page, click on your Browser’s Back button.  To create a new query from the Data Query Results page, click on the New Query button.

Choosing Excel spreadsheet or CSV file exports your query results to Excel.  You can choose to open the file directly, or to save it so you can work with the data later.