Getting Started

The Trinity Online Data Portal (ODP) opens to a web page that contains five tabs, each with a number of options displayed on a ribbon directly below the tab name. These five tabs provide access to the ODP features and functions that are available to most users.

  • Home
  • Data & Documents
  • Time Series Analyst
  • Map
  • Login

Data & Docs Page with Login Home

Click on this tab to access the Trinity River Restoration Program’s (TRRP) web site.  This tab navigates away from the ODP web site and opens the TRRP home page.

Data & Documents

Data & Documents is the active tab when you enter the ODP web site.  Use the options under this tab to search the repository using keywords, to add data and/or documents, submit queries on tabular data, access additional resources, contact the TRRP or request technical help, and for information about the TRRP and about the ODP and its developers.

Time Series Analyst

Create graphs and export plot data.


The map under this tab links to spatial data packages and is powered by ArcGIS Server.


Access your ODP account.