ODP System Architecture

ODP High Level Architecture

The ODP is an online web-based application. The system is hosted on a central web server and accessed by users via the Internet using a web browser.

At the core of the ODP is a web server application written in VB ASP.net that reads and writes information from a SQL Server relational database and a file database stored on the web servers file system. Users interact with web pages served up by the Core ODP Software. Tabular data are stored in the relational database and files uploaded by users are stored on the web server file system.

The core ODP software is comprised of web pages, public web services and maps. The web pages represent the main user interface that ODP users see when they visit the site. They typically retrieve and store information in the SQL Database. The maps rely on ESRI ArcGIS Server technology to pull GIS data from the Bureau of Reclamation and present it within web pages on the site. The maps have a custom user interface developed in JavaScript. Also contained in the ODP core are a series of public web services that deliver select data from the SQL Database to external web sites. Any web site that knows the URL for these web services can embed the tables and graphics provided by these web services. The TRRP web site is the main consumer of these public web services.

The Core ODP software also uses several Data Templates for uploading tabular data by users. Anyone can download one of these templates, populate it with data, while at the same time specifying the required metadata, and then send it to the ODP Data Steward for upload into the SQL Database. These templates ensure that data provided by users conforms with the data standards demanded by the SQL Database structure and lookup tables.

A custom NWIS Data Retriever software application pulls river discharge data from the USGS National Water Information System and makes them available through the ODP tabular data search.

ODP Detailed Architecture (1)

 Technical Details

  • The ODP core software was developed using Visual Studio 2010. It is coded in VB.net against version 4 of the Microsoft .Net Framework.
  • The SQL Database uses a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 database.
  • The ODP Web Server is a Windows Server 2008 Amazon Elastic Computing (EC2) Server.
  • Maps are served using ArcGIS Server 10.1.
  • The NWIS Data Retriever was developed using Visual Studio 2010. It is coded in VB.net against version 4 of the Microsoft.Net Framework.