Administrator’s Guide

Each ODP installation is managed by one or more Administrators. This role is called a Data Steward and involves managing who can access the ODP as well as all the information stored in the database. This Administrator’s Guide is divided into two sections;

  • ODP System Architecture – high level information about the ODP software and database design
  • Administrator Tools – ODP features for managing users and data stored in the database.

The Admin tab is visible only to users that are logged in to the ODP and who possess administrative privileges.

Admin Section

Data Templates and links for importing data into the ODP, and options for managing data and databases.
General Editable lists of external information sources and resources, and general lookups.
Planning Editable lists of file and data types, big questions, hypothesis sources, and other planning-related lookups.
System Management Error log, query options, and a list of users.
Water Operations Data sets controlling the display of several water operations graphics.